Class: PHPCrawlerProcessReport

Contains summarizing information about a crawling-process after the process is finished.



Public Properties
abort_reasonReason for the abortion of the crawling-process
bytes_receivedThe total number of bytes the crawler received alltogether.
file_limit_reachedWill be TRUE if the page/file-limit was reached.
files_receivedThe total number of documents the crawler received.
links_followedThe total number of links/URLs the crawler found and followed.
memory_peak_usageThe peak memory-usage the crawling-process caused.
traffic_limit_reachedWill be TRUE if the crawling-process stopped becaus the traffic-limit was reached.
user_abortWill be TRUE if the crawling-process stopped because the overridable function handleDocumentInfo() returned a negative value.
avg_proc_data_transfer_rateThe average data-transfer-rate per process
avg_server_connect_timeThe average server connect-time.
avg_server_response_timeThe average server response time.
data_throughputThe total data-throughput of the crawler
process_runtimeThe total time the crawling-process was running in seconds.